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From Pre-symptomatic to Long-term Healthcare, Teijin Pharma are Enhancing Quality of Life

Ichiro Watanabe, President, Teijin Pharma Limited
Ichiro Watanabe, President, Teijin Pharma Limited

Message from the President From Pre-symptomatic to Long-term Healthcare, Teijin Pharma are Enhancing Quality of Life

In today’s aging society, the need for more extensive healthcare services, including services such as preventative healthcare that go beyond public health insurance, has never been greater. At Teijin Pharma, we are pioneering comprehensive solutions combining both pharmaceutical and home healthcare products and services in our efforts to realize the Teijin Group corporate philosophy, “Enhancing Quality of Life.” We are striving to innovate healthcare and become an enterprise essential to tomorrow’s society.

Accelerating Drug Discovery Research In-house and through Global Alliances

Our pharmaceutical business covers bone and joint diseases, respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. We are currently advancing our new drug discovery research in all of these domains by integrating Teijin Group materials technology with Teijin Pharma healthcare technology. We are also expanding our research into new areas such as nuclear receptor drugs, specialized cyclic peptides and regenerative medicine for the treatment of acute motor impairment resulting from stroke or other neurological disease. Furthermore, our research is not exclusive to Teijin Pharma’s home base in Japan. We are prioritizing our strategic alliances with overseas pharmaceutical companies, allowing us to continue to increase the global reach of our in-house-developed gout and hyperuricemia treatment. And we have recently finalized an agreement with a German pharmaceutical company to acquire the exclusive rights to co-develop and commercialize a novel botulinum toxin product in Japan.

Comprehensive Community Healthcare, the Next Step for Home Healthcare

Teijin Pharma are a pioneer of home oxygen therapy (HOT) in Japan, and provide HOT services to more than 400 thousand patients, in Japan and overseas. We have become experts at providing total medical solutions incorporating high-quality equipment tailored to the needs of each patient with dedicated support networks of well-trained staff. We are still expanding our HOT business, as well as our continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device business in Japan. We intend to expand our home healthcare operations overseas and hope to grow VitalLink, our patient information sharing system, into a supportive core for comprehensive community healthcare. Our lineup of products and services will continue to expand, targeting transcranial magnetic stimulation devices for treating depression, and rehabilitation devices for stroke patients.

Part of the Medical Community Supporting Better Quality of Life

By utilizing our strengths, we will become an organization that can provide total healthcare solutions for conditions ranging from pre-symptomatic, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, to living assistance and home care. With this comprehensive approach, we will reinforce our business portfolio, enabling us to weather ongoing changes to the healthcare market. By establishing a strategic team organization consisting of diverse human resources with extensive knowledge and experience, we will support the medical community and collaborate with various medical professionals to continue enhancing quality of life.

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