Our business approach is best understood by understanding where we do business. Active in the two fields of pharmaceuticals and home healthcare, we leverage the experiences we gain in one to assist in the development of the other. And since we have three dedicated areas of expertise, namely in bone and joint disease, respiratory disease and cardiovascular and metabolic disease, advancements in either of our business fields can be applied laterally as well. It is the organic ties between our fields of business that allow us to approach the discovery of new healthcare solutions from a unique perspective. In addition to fostering the development of innovative products and services in our three areas of concentration, our approach encourages us to seek new methods, technologies and partnerships that promise to realize novel treatments.

In our Pharmaceutical Business, we are eager to develop relationships that are mutually beneficial. Whether as an early alliance for joint research or as a sales and distribution agreement, we are constantly looking to leverage our capabilities in order to create new treatments to better care for our patients. As for our Home Healthcare Business, our track record of innovation, quality and reliable service speaks for itself. Since pioneering Home Oxygen Therapy (HOT) in Japan, we are a well-established leader in the home healthcare industry.

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