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Teijin Pharma Limited. respects the privacy of those who visit our website, (hereafter “this site”) and pledges to pay the strictest attention to confidentiality in dealing with and managing personal data.

Personal Information:

While using this site, you may be required to register certain personal data. The personal data that you have registered will be strictly managed by Teijin Pharma’s data manager.
Teijin Pharma will not disclose or provide any personal data registered on this site to third parties without your consent, except in the following circumstances.

  • 1) You have agreed to disclose your personal data
  • 2) Teijin Pharma is under obligation to disclose data as required by law or as requested by the government
  • 3) Teijin Pharma is using your personal data internally to enhance or improve products, services or this site provided by Teijin Pharma
  • 4) Your data is required to operate this site, and needs to be shared with outsourced parties. In the event of the fourth circumstance, Teijin Pharma will only disclose the minimal personal data required, and will oblige the outsourced parties to agree by contract to manage your personal data with the strictest confidence.

Teijin Pharma is committed to respecting the laws and regulations that apply to the management of personal data owned by this site. Teijin Pharma will not intentionally sell or give away your personal data to third parties.

It will be noted on this Privacy Policy page of this site if and when our data management policy is subject to change.

* If you wish to correct or change personal data provided to us, please contact us by filling out the query form.


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