Group Synergies

Teijin Group Synergies for Breakthrough Solutions

While other companies talk a lot about creating synergy, we created a company based on synergy. Teijin Pharma benefits directly from the scope of the R&D potential and knowhow within the Teijin Group. With leading material and production technologies at their disposal, Teijin Pharma can take revolutionary approaches to research and development for next-generation pharmaceuticals, new home healthcare devices and cutting-edge medical materials.

Healthcare Teijin Pharma

Synergy In Play

Among products already developed are Antup, a percutaneous tape preparation which utilizes materials from the Electric Materials & Performance Polymer Products Business Group, and Rhinocort, a treatment for allergic rhinitis developed through the use of plastics formation and mechanical engineering technology. In our Home Healthcare Business, Teijin Pharma receives backup and support in the development of new devices through cooperation with the Teijin Group’s engineering research center, including computer simulations and evaluation of components.