Message from the President

Striving to Become a Medical Enterprise Essential to Tomorrow’s Society

Akihisa Nabeshima, President, Teijin Pharma Limited
Akihisa Nabeshima, President, Teijin Pharma Limited

Message from the President Striving to Become a Medical Enterprise Essential to Tomorrow’s Society

At Teijin Pharma, we enjoy a unique position as a manufacturer and service provider. As a pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer that provides services directly to patients, we continually create innovative, high-quality treatment solutions. It is our goal to provide peace of mind for our patients and their families.

Integrating the Skills of the Teijin Group for Strategic Drug Discovery

One of the greatest strengths of Teijin Pharma’s pharmaceutical business is our ability to identify unmet needs, and develop pharmaceuticals based on feedback from our clinical network. We are aiming to maximize the potential of existing avenues in gout and hyperuricemia treatments, as well as focus more on strategic drug discovery research. We will tackle pharmaceutical development, integrating the Teijin Group’s material and healthcare technologies, expanding our drug discovery in fields such as nuclear receptor drugs and specialized cyclic peptides, as well as regenerative medicine for the treatment of chronic motor impairments resulting from stroke and other neurological diseases. We are also planning to accelerate our global alliances, such as our research collaboration and license agreement with Amgen Inc. in the US, developing new therapeutic agents for kidney problems.

Strengthening Our Home Healthcare Business through Advanced Information Technology

Though we have always improved our business according to the feedback from our patients, in the future we will ensure even higher quality patient care, as we plan to make all of our medical devices IoT-enabled, and incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) technology at our call centers. This will allow us to customize services to suit individual patients. As the number of patients receiving healthcare at home continues to increase, the functions offered by the home healthcare sector must expand. Community healthcare support, such as patient support systems linking hospital and home healthcare will become increasingly important. We must build on our experience in ICT and digital healthcare, such as our patient-information sharing system, VitalLink, to support more efficient and comprehensive community healthcare. We aim to create a community healthcare network system which will help to prevent disease and detect signs of deterioration or distress.

New Challenges in Rehabilitation & Neuromodulation

In addition to our existing business fields (bone and joint diseases, respiratory diseases and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases), we are actively seeking opportunities in new areas. We have already begun marketing a robotic device for physical rehabilitation, and initiated doctor-lead clinical trials for intractable neurological pain relief. We synergize the experience gleaned from our three strengths: our pharmaceutical R&D framework and knowhow; our expertise in medical device R&D and engineering; and our 24-hour patient support services, which support patients anytime and anywhere. Leveraging this insight, we are working on all processes in healthcare, from pre-symptomatic conditions, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, to the prevention of recurrence and home care. As a member of the medical community, we will continue to provide specialized care, always keeping patients as our highest priority. Enhancing our experience in the field through the power of evolution, we will endeavor to provide solutions to fulfill as many needs as possible.

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