Multifaceted Solutions from the Teijin Group

Our healthcare approach isn’t about imitating others. The Teijin Group has strengths and resources that are unique in a healthcare provider, allowing us to pioneer unique healthcare solutions. Through continuous development, we have evolved the treatment of bone and joint, respiratory, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Naturally, we plan to continue this evolution, but we are also expanding our perspective. We are currently making steps into the fields of rehabilitation and neurology. Healthcare is not just treatment, but disease prevention, healthy living, chronic care, rehabilitation and nursing care. We have already begun establishing Teijin Group products in functional food and patient information sharing, and will continue formulating solutions that encompass all stages of healthcare.

Teijin Pharma puts patients at the center of everything. Close collaboration between our sales, home care and medical staff enables us to support patients’ health as a team, together with medical professionals and care givers. Our specialized expertise allows us to accelerate the integration of pharmaceutical research with medical technology to create innovative healthcare solutions. As society evolves, the way healthcare is administered will change. By focusing on convalescent and chronic stage care, as well as acute stages, we are emphasizing community and its vital importance to healthcare.

Total Healthcare Solutions

Business Fields of Teijin Pharma

Functional foods business

Functional food

Functional food

Barleymax®, an enhanced
barley product


Water soluble dietary
fiber Inulia®


New business related
to community-based
integrated care

Digital healthcare

Digital healthcare


Bone and joint field


neuromuscular electrical
stimulation device for
walking support


ReoGo®-J, a robot for
rehabilitating paralyzed
upper limbs

Rehabilitation and neurology field Rehabilitation and neurology field

Rehabilitation and
neurology field

Medical technologies
and services to
support self-reliance

Innovative medical

Cardiovascular and metabolic field

Cardiovascular and
metabolic field

Respiratory field

Respiratory field

Febuxostat®, a treatment for
hyperuricemia and gout


therapeutic oxygen


Transcranial Magnetic
Stimulation device

Business Activities

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