Feb. 06, 2019

Administration of “JTR-161” Dental Pulp Stem Cells Product Starts in Clinical Trial in Japan

Teijin Limited
JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Teijin Limited (Teijin) and JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (JCR) announced today that JTR-161, an allogeneic regenerative medical product composed of dental pulp stem cells (DPCs), have been administered to the first patient in Japan-based Phase I/II clinical trials, for the indication of acute cerebral infarction (stroke). Teijin and JCR signed a co-development and license agreement for JTR-161 in Japan in July 2017.

The trial is examining the safety and effectiveness of intravenously administered JTR-161 for patients who have suffered acute cerebral infarction. Teijin Pharma Limited, the core company of the Teijin group’s healthcare business, will conduct clinical studies and JCR will manufacture the investigational JTR-161 product for the clinical trials.

Teijin and JCR expect that JTR-161 contributes to the quality of life of patients as a new treatment option for acute cerebral infarction. It is composed of DPCs isolated from human teeth, of which extraction is less invasive than bone marrow extraction and are available in Japan. DPCs are also considered to pose a minimal risk of immunological rejection. JTR-161 is expected to demonstrate its effective suppression of inflammation by immune regulatory factors as well as promotion of regenerating organs by trophic factors.

Going forward, Teijin and JCR will continue collaborating in joint research and development, aiming to launch a commercial product as quickly as possible.

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About JCR Pharmaceuticals

JCR is a specialty pharma engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of biopharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine with a focus on rare diseases. Its philosophy,“Contributing towards people’s healthcare through pharmaceutical products” drives JCR to create innovative pharmaceutical products as value-added treatment options for the under-served patient community.

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