Apr. 14, 2020

Teijin Pharma and Teijin Healthcare's Initiatives for COVID-19 (1)

Teijin Pharma Limited
Teijin Healthcare Limited

Teijin Pharma Limited and Teijin Healthcare Limited, the core companies of the Teijin Group’s healthcare business, are taking special measures in Japan during the COVID-19 pandemic to maintain stable deliveries of pharmaceuticals, home healthcare equipment and services, as well as to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection and to ensure the safety of employees in accordance with Teijin’s mission as a company that supports the society of the future by striving to enhance the quality of life of people.

Stable supplies of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment

Teijin Pharma and Teijin Healthcare, working to ensure that customers can continue to use the companies’ pharmaceuticals and medical equipment without disruption, are securing necessary inventories and production systems, including in their supply chains in Japan. Both companies are carefully monitoring the evolving situation and are prepared to implement additional measures as required. Please click here for more about the products of Teijin Pharma and Teijin Healthcare available in Japan.

Continuous provision of medical support

Teijin Pharma and Teijin Healthcare, as before, are providing medical devices including oxygen concentrators for home oxygen therapy (HOT), and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices for sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) treatment in Japan. Both companies are retaining their respective personnel for sales, patient support (nurses and other caregivers), clinical work, office administration and call centers to enable medical institutions and patients to continue receiving support for their medical devices even during Japan’s current state of emergency.

Preventing the spread of infection and ensuring employee safety

As Teijin Pharma and Teijin Healthcare continue to deliver products and support, they also are taking necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection and ensure the safety of their employees.

(1) Preventing the spread of infection
All employees who visit medical institutions, facilities or patients’ homes are required to monitor their health, including body temperature, every morning. If a fever or any other abnormality is identified, the employee is obliged to stay home. Also, if any employee has direct contact with an infected person, or even contact with others who themselves have been in direct contact with a COVID-19 patient, the companies will implement standard isolation procedures, including instructing the person to remain self-quarantined at home.

(2) Ensuring employee safety
Whenever an employee visits a medical institution or related facility, or a patient’s home, they are required to protect themselves by wearing a mask, using disinfectant and washing their hands. In addition, before physically visiting any patient, the employee is required to confirm the patient’s condition and respond accordingly.

Until further notice, Teijin Pharma and Teijin Healthcare will continue to implement these measures as responsible members of Japan’s medical care community.

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