Pharmaceutical Business

Developing New Drugs &
New Markets

Teijin Pharma’s Pharmaceutical Business was created based on the bold vision and commitment of top management. We have continuously introduced aggressive initiatives for growth, including investing in R&D for new drugs and developing new markets. Over the years, Teijin Pharma has launched a number of major pharmaceutical products, from Venilon to the osteoporosis drugs Onealfa and Bonalon and the expectorant Mucosolvan, and most recently the gout and hyperuricemia drug febuxostat.

The current success of febuxostat highlights our aggressive license-out pharmaceutical strategy. With a team of leading pharmaceutical distributors in major markets, febuxostat is being sold in 78 countries around the world. As for our license-in activities, a solid track record of successful ventures with industry leaders at any stage from preclinical to launch and distribution are testament to our ability to deliver sales in the competitive Japanese market.

Bone and Joint Diseases


Thanks to the success of our osteoporosis drugs such as Onealfa (a frontrunner in the field and developed in-house), Bonalon and Synvisc (a sodium hyaluronate treatment to relieve osteoarthritis knee pain), Teijin Pharma has become one of the world’s leading companies in the field of bone and joint disease treatment.

Respiratory Diseases


In the field of respiratory diseases, our products include Mucosolvan, which has maintained a solid position in the market for nearly thirty years, Alvesco, an inhaled corticosteroid for asthma, the bronchodilator Spiropent, and Atrovent, a treatment for bronchial constriction.

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases


Besides the worldwide success of febuxostat, our anti-hyperuricemia agent and the first such drug released in almost 40 years, our wide-ranging product pipeline also features our proprietary drug Tricor and Solmiran to treat metabolic disorders, while Antup is a percutaneous patch preparation for dilating coronary arteries in patients with angina or myocardial infarction.

Alliance Opportunities in Pharmaceuticals

Japanese Market Potential

The Japanese market offers huge potential for pharmaceutical companies able to negotiate the unique regulations for clinical testing and approval. At Teijin Pharma, we have the knowhow and experience to lead partner offerings through these processes in the most effective and streamlined manner, while offering a very high rate of success in R&D. Furthermore, our well-established medical relationships and sales network ensure that pharmaceuticals are brought to market effectively, with experience in life-cycle management extending a drugs viability.

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    Teiroc and Bonalon are trademarks of Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Early Alliance Approach

While we continue to enter into partnerships at any stage, at Teijin Pharma, we place emphasis on developing early-alliance relationships that can mitigate the cost of independent R&D and more importantly increase time-to-market efficiencies. One example is a recent agreement with Amgen from the US to jointly discover, develop and commercialize small molecule drugs that target RORγ. The relationship offers the highest level of expertise and global development capabilities to maximize discovery potential.

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