Home Healthcare Business

From Venture Business to Market Leader

Our venture into home healthcare began in the 1970s, when Teijin researchers began working on developing oxygen concentrators in response to demand for oxygen units that incorporated an oxygen enriching membrane. The project was a succession of challenges, not only in terms of product development but also due to the need to establish a service network. The success of project members not only laid the foundation for home healthcare in Japan, but today, Teijin Pharma’s Home Oxygen Therapy (HOT) is considered a benchmark in the domestic market, establishing Teijin Pharma as a leader in the home healthcare industry in Japan.

Bone and Joint Diseases


Our Home Healthcare Business offers an SAFHS (Sonic Accelerated Fracture Healing System) device that speeds up healing. SAFHS has been recognized for its high efficacy in healing new fractures and complex fractures with just a short 20-minute treatment per day.

Respiratory Diseases


In the HOT market, Teijin Pharma manages a share exceeding 50%. Since the launch of Mildsanso, Japan’s first oxygen concentrator, Teijin has remained Japan’s leading company in this field, Teijin Pharma also works to improve patients’ quality of life through reliable service such as our 24-hour service center and emergency response system during natural disasters.

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases


In the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, our CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) devices, used to treat sleep apnea syndrome, currently account for a 40% share of the Japanese market.